Heifers, heifers and heifers

SIRYX is our sexed semen product. Each sexed semen straw offers a greater than 90% chance of conceiving a heifer calf. If you are looking to replace an elite cow in your herd or if you are focusing on rapid herd expansion, then SIRYX sexed semen is the right choice for you. ProFarm offers a wide selection of top bulls in SIRYX sexed semen.

Genetics - Better Animals, Better Milk, Better profits

Improving your herd by bringing you superior genetics has been our philosophy and passion since the start of our company in 2006. We deliver you profitable genetics with a high quality breeding service.

Your dairy farming profit is driven by more than just liters of milk. You also want a cow that gives you milk with high fat and with high protein to ensure that you get the best price for your milk. And you want a cow that will give you milk every year, after year, after year. You want more than just milk yield, you want better milk from better animals for better profits. We will bring you exactly that. We will provide you with the genetics of CRV. CRV genetics excel in combining high milk production with excellent fat and high protein contents from stronger and durable cows. We deliver you genetics to get better animals, giving better milk for better profit.

CRV in the world

ProFarm is proud to be part of CRV. CRV is a leading cooperative in the field of cattle improvement. CRV is one of the largest genetics companies in the world. CRV is owned by over 40.000 farmer members in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company has operations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, the United States, Luxembourg, Germany and Spain.

CRV is a leader in innovation and breakthrough developments of cattle breeding. Its sexed semen program, SIRYX, has become a global success. Recently there have been major breakthroughs in genomic marking of bulls. This development will again increase the reliability of CRV genetics and drive genetic progress.

The products and services of CRV are marketed in over 50 countries worldwide. In 2007/2008 a total of almost 7 million doses of semen were sold across the globe. ProFarm invites you to join the CRV farmers around the world in their drive towards profitable dairy farming.

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